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Network Structure of the Vacuum Sewage Drainage System

-Vacuum Engine House (power house)
-Gravity indoor wiring
-Vacuum Channel

Main elements of the Vacuum Sewage Drainage System are :

– the vacuum center (vacuum engine house)
– pipe system under the vacuum with the vacuum valves
– the integrating unit (sump)
– the gravity indoor wiring.

The settlement-wide closed welded construction of PE pipe network installed in small trench depth is connected to the entirely automated vacuum engine house and it is constantly under suction (vacuum pumps). The ValVac2 vacuum sewage valves are connected to the vacuum line located in the sump.

The sewage emissing points (four of them in general) are tied up with gravity wiring into the sump. From here sewage is sucked into the vacuum line throught the vacuum valve located there in place.

Operational Description of the Vacuum Sewage Drainage System

There is no need to have electricity to operate the vacuum valve!

That is operated by vacuum generated in the vacuum lines and activated by the rising level of the sewage running into the sump.

The licquid (hereinafter sewage) arrives into the sump on a traditional way which is located the closest to the sources.

Mines can be conventional mines or modern plastic ones as well. Installation of the latter ones requires significantly less work and its density also exceed the features of concrete manholes.

Modern plastic sump and position of valve placed in the shaft